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Why work with us?

Speed, cost, flexibility.

Our white label solutions can be ready to roll-out in 6-8 weeks, with low upfront costs and recurring costs cheaper than maintaining in-house. Our modular approach means they can sit alongside and link to your existing apps, accelerating time to market of new propositions.

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What our customers say

"We have worked with GenGame on our new app and are very pleased with what they have delivered. They listen to all our suggestions and are thorough and considered in their responses. The app they delivered is also slick and intuitive!"

Edd Horne

Customer Service and Metering Manager

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"GenGame have a solid understanding of domestic demand response, associated technologies and the challenges around engaging consumers. We’re pleased to have partnered with them on our domestic flexibility projects."

Mark Meyrick

Head of Trading and Smart Grids

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User researched and tested products

We’ve done the groundwork to understand your users. Multiple rounds of user research and testing are incorporated into our solutions, continuously iterated based on testing across our user base.

We are experts in energy tech

We can hit the ground running on any project with our years of experience and industry knowledge in smart meters, electric vehicles, demand response, heat pumps, batteries and more.

Integrations, ready to go 

Reduce your time to market. We have integrations integrated with billing platforms, DCC data, Electric vehicles, batteries and other hardware – with a continuously growing list.

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Our Team

We're a team of developers/devops, designers, user researchers, data scientists and low carbon technology engineers.

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Stephane Lee-Favier


Stephane has worked in energy tech his entire 18 year career, which started in engineering at Rolls-Royce. He has lived and worked in 5 countries managing energy projects with budgets in the 100s of millions of dollars. Passionate about decarbonisation and the role technology plays in making sure it happens, Stephane has a Masters in Engineering Science from Oxford and MBA from INSEAD in France.

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Simone Quadri

Head of Customer Success

Passionate about providing the best experience for our customers, Simone leads the Customer Success Team.

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Jeremy Woolley

Head of Flexibility & Analytics

An energy systems engineer with 9 years’ experience in energy tech development in the UK and internationally. Jeremy leads our data analytics and flexibility teams, designing and tracking the performance of all our products to ensure they perform as well as possible for our users and utility customers alike.

Want to find out more?

Request a demo to see our product range and how they deliver value to you and your customers. 

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