Apps for the Energy Industry

Engage your customers with new energy technologies.

Acquire new customers

With a proposition for their evolving needs.

Reduce customer churn

Once you've got them, don't lose them.

Generate value

Promote actions to save on costs for you and your customers.

The GenGame Platform

A unique combination of features designed to engage.

Promote good actions for a variety of applications

Demand Response

Time of use Tariffs

Energy Efficiency

Bespoke Products

A modular approach

We work with you to form a unique combination of features targeting your customers’ individual needs.

Our strong design-led approach to consumer engagement and user experience sets us apart from a world of ‘the usual’ energy apps.

Our products create unique propositions that aim to strengthen your relationship with your customers, building loyalty and make them truly enjoy engaging with your utility.

Reach your customers in new and direct ways via your mobile app with timely notifications and in-app communication. Unlock new potential to drive engagement for mechanisms such as domestic flexibility, incentive and rewards systems.

Branded to suit your business

White-label your app with your corporate identity. Use our designs as they come, or apply your own brand colours to our existing style.

Flexible to suit your needs

We work with you to identify the key areas and actions that are important to your business and build a user experience to promote and actively reinforce them. Add new features and sophistication to your proposition as your business needs evolve.


Pick from a unique selection of features on the GenGame platform. Start from scratch or work with us to integrate with your existing products.


Drive positive change in the areas that are most important to your business by rewarding customers for taking action. These could include rewarding a customer for giving a meter reading or DSR mechanisms that reward customers for reducing their energy at key times.

Reach your customers in new and exciting ways. This can include:

Points system: Reward players by awarding GenGame points for energy savings based on personalised goals.

Leagues and Prizes: Leverage competition, social norming and raffle real prizes to incentivise action.

Achievements: Players unlock and progress through achievements which we configure to reward the behaviours you want.

Mini Games: Players spend their points on extra lives and power-ups in our growing range of mobile games!

Core Utility Features

So you can get set up quickly, our core features are everything your customers would expect from an energy app.

Features can include:

Billing: View bills and manage payment.

Meter readings: Provide a convenient way to submit and view readings. Send reminders when they are due.

Tariff: Display current tariff information and offer new ones.

Referrals System: Encourage and reward your customers for referring a friend.

Customer support: FAQ, contact details and live chat.

Account management: View and edit account details.

Smart Metering and Home Energy Insights

We show your customers personalised and engaging insights about their home energy. Whether they care most about cost, carbon or convenience, our insights features will help them understand energy in their home and reach their goals.

Features can include:

Cost and usage summaries: How much are they using and when?

Insights: Meaningful patterns and comparisons from their consumption.

Disaggregation: Show which appliances use the most electricity.

Suggestions: Tips and advice for a more efficient home.

Target setting: Helping them stay on track with their goals.

Timely notifications: TOU tariffs, alerts for high usage and for appliances left on.

Electric Vehicles

Our EV features help your customers plan and track their home EV charging while helping you forecast and shift your growing EV volumes. Whether they have a smart charge point or not, we can help connect your EV customers with the greenest and cheapest energy available.

Features can include:

Smart Charging: Optimise for low cost or low carbon to suit your customers’ preferences.

Charging Insights: Meaningful patterns and comparisons from their charging habits.

Recommendations & reminders: Suggest changes to those habits to help them optimise their charging.

Vehicle to Grid (V2G): We’re currently piloting upcoming features as part of our research projects.

Solar PV

Help your customers catch every ray they can and make the most of their solar PV system.

Personalised PV forecasts: Customers can predict how much power they will generate and their profile throughout the day.

Cost and usage summary: Show customers their generation, consumption and export data. Insights: Meaningful patterns and comparisons on the effectiveness of their solar panels.

Suggestions & notifications: Customers know how to make the most out of their solar generation.

Battery Storage

Help your customers access new value opportunities all year round with their home batteries once they’ve used as much of their solar as possible. Whether your customer is considering a battery or already has one, be their partner of choice to deliver maximum cost and carbon benefits.

Features include:

Free charges: Top up their battery for free during negative price events.

Optimisation modes: For their preference of cost, carbon and self-consumption.

Demand Response: Dispatch able generation and demand for your VPP.

Value share: the costs, risks and benefits so everyone wins.

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